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You've placed your deposit, now what?

Welcome to the Grand Teton Bullies Family! If we have sold you a puppy it means that we believe you will love and care for your sweet new family member and always strive to provide the very best for them. There are many different ways to raise puppies, and certainly more than one correct way, but here is what we have found to work well and would like to share with you. Bringing your new puppy home: first of all Congratulations! We put everything we have into making sure we are providing you with a happy, healthy, balanced new family member. We make sure all of our puppies receive a health check by our veterinarian and leave with age appropriate vaccinations and dewormer. That being said, puppies need 3 rounds of vaccinations and a rabies shot, which generally is not completed until around or after 3 months of age. Please avoid places where your new puppy could pick up illnesses until they are completely vaccinated. This includes pet stores, parks and dog parks, or anywhere that is frequented by other dogs. They are not fully protected until they receive all rounds and can easily pick up parvo or other illnesses that can be life threatening. Introduction to other pets: Our puppies leave our care having been socialized with other dogs, a cat and children. That being said, please introduce your new puppy to any other pets in the home slowly and with caution. Even the friendliest dogs can sometimes react adversely to a new pup in their home. If you would like tips or guidance on how to properly introduce a new pup, please reach out and we can help or point you toward helpful resources. Training: XL American Bullies are incredible family dogs, very loyal, eager to please and trainable, but they do need to be trained! Puppies are cute, but once that puppy has grown up into a large and very strong adult, bad manners will not be cute. We strongly encourage enrolling your pup in puppy classes or one on one training to get off to the best start. These dogs are smart, train them so they don't train you! Diet: We feed Purina Pro Plan and have great luck with it. If you wish to raw feed we recommend looking up the B.A.R.F model for raw feeding to ensure they receive a balanced raw diet. Spay/Neuter: We STRONGLY advise against pediatric spays and neuters. If you choose to spay your female, it is best done subsequent to her first heat cycle. If you choose to neuter your male, we suggest waiting until 2 years of age. There is information continuing to come out on the potential adverse effects of neutering, if you have alternate means of preventing unwanted litters, this may be worth considering. Most importantly, if you have one of our special pups, you are part of our family and we are always here to offer support or help. We are dedicated to doing all we can to help your relationship with your new pup be successful. We are always here to answer any questions or help you find more information. In exchange, we just ask that you provide a wonderful home and send us lots and lots of updates! Thank you for trusting us and choosing our program for your new best friend.

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