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1506 Bullies Lotus


DOB: 06-16-20

Coat: Blue brindle merle

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Lotus is such an eye catching and muscular female! She is extremely loyal and is up for any adventure or task you put in front of her. She has proven herself to be an outstanding producer, and we are so grateful to have her as our foundation.

Ultimate Bullie's National Treasure

DOB: 06-17-21

Coat: Blue fawn

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AKA Sequoia with a build to die for! She is extremely muscular with a beautiful short muzzle and beautiful head. If you saw her first litter then I do not need to say much, her productions do the talking. She has a lot to add to our program and a pedigree full of nothing but huge bully dogs. She is the most affectionate dog I have ever met and also has some drive in there.

Health Testing:

 Pennhip R .58 L .56

OFA elbows normal

Grand Teton's Daybreak

DOB: 12-06-21

Coat Pattern: Lilac Merle

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AKA Solar, where do we start?! Our keeper from our first in house breeding, this girl is absolutely stunning! She is already amazing us and exceeding expectations. Keep an eye on this one, she will take our program to the next level.

Health testing:

Gentically cleared via Embark

Pennhip R .52 L .56

Elbows: Normal

Patellas: Normal

Grand Teton's
Sacred Message

DOB: 11-22-22

Coat Pattern: Black Brindle Merle

AKA Mantra, one beefy and beautiful girl! She often gets mistaken for a male, and is thicker than any pup I have seen in person yet! To top it all off she has an absolutely gorgeous coat!

Health testing:

Gentically cleared via Embark

Further testing once age appropriate

Grand Teton's Satori

DOB: 11-22-22

Coat Pattern: Lilac Tri

AKA Cricket brings so much to our program. Not only is she just an all around beautiful girl, but she has got incredible muscle tone and her structure is top notch! We love a total package!

Health Testing:

Embark results: Pending

Further testing once age appropriate

Grand Teton's Reignfall

DOB: 03-31-23

Coat Pattern: Lilac Fawn

AKA Reign is our newest addition off of our in house breeding of Bond and Sequoia. We had high hopes of what we wanted to accomplish with this breeding and this girl is checking all of the boxes!

OFA and Pennhip once age appropriate.

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