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*Because Solar is a rather sensitive girl, we feel it's best she stay local and/or with someone we know personally.*

Solar is looking for a retirement home and I would strongly prefer she stay local to SE Idaho, though an exception could possibly be made for the right situation. Solar is a "velcro dog" that will make sure your lap stays warm during movies and you're never without a soft head to pet. She is obedient, very eager to please and quite a sensitive girl. Let's not forget how beautiful she is, she tends to hear this everywhere she goes, but thankfully she remains humble. A house with a calm environment would be the best fit for her and she wants to live indoors to be closest to her family. She prefers to be the queen of the castle, but she would consider sharing with housemates in the right situation. She can stay here as long as needed (or forever) until the absolute right fit for her comes along.

DOB 12/06/21

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