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Upcoming Breedings

Mr. Trigz 


Ultimate Bullies

Breeding planned for fall 2023.

Waitlist is now open, contact us for details.



  • 1st pick male- Reserved for GTB

  • 2nd pick male- $6,000

  • 3rd pick male- $4,000

Oweee, we are excited for this one!! We knew exactly what we were looking for to produce some magic with Sequoia and we found all of it in one stud! Mr. Trigz is still very young with a lot of growing to do, but you wouldn't know that by looking at him, he's already looking quite grown! He's a beautiful boy from head to toe, structure and rear included, his pedigree is unbeatable, and his movement is flawless. If you saw Sequoia's first litter I do not need to say much about her, she outproduced herself on her entire litter just like I knew she would! This will be her retirement breeding and we are going out with a bang! The cherry on top is we can expect all colors from this pairing.


  • 1st pick female- Reserved for GTB

  • 2nd pick female- $6,000

  • 3rd pick female- $4,000

Discounts given to pet homes/ no breeding rights.

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