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Upcoming Breedings

Bossy's Loki
of RXL Bullies


Grand Teton's 
Sacred Message

HERE WE GO!! This breeding is very special to us and is the result of so much time and hard work! Mantra is one of our "bulliest" females we have ever produced and has so much to bring to a pairing!  We knew we couldn't top Loki for her first stud, he is one of one! The productions he gave us last year are everything we wanted and more from temperament to appearance and this time we are taking him to an even bullier female. These puppies should be the definition of an American Bully and complete show stoppers. To top it off we expect a rainbow of colors.

Lilac Tri American Bully
Merle American Bully



  • 1st pick male- Reserved for GTB

  • 2nd pick male- $8,500 w/ rights or $7,000 pet home

  • 3rd pick male- Reserved for Sydney & Erik

  • 4th pick male- Reserved for the Molander Family

  • 1st pick female- Reserved for GTB

  • 2nd pick female- $8,500 w/ rights or $7,000 pet home

  • 3rd pick female- Reserved for the Williams Family

  • 4th pick female- Reserved for the Navarro Family

Breeding planned for May 2024,
now accepting deposits.

Discounts given to pet homes/ no breeding rights.

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