Upcoming Breedings

First Choice Bullies Bossman X 1506 Bullie's Lotus

Puppies born 11/22, 5 females and 2 males.

These puppies are for those looking for true XL American Bullies that have clean mass and color on top. Lotus has proven herself one incredible producer & Bossman is the perfect match for her! Bossman is not only a big, beautiful boy, but the pedigree behind him is as good as it gets. The cherry on top is we have the potential for all colors from this breeding!

  • 1st pick male- Reserved 

  • 2nd pick male Reserved- for the Upson Family

  • 1st pick female- Reserved for GTB

  • 2nd pick female- $5,500

  • 3rd pick female- $5,000

  • 4th pick female- $4,000

  • 5th pick female- $3,000

Coup De Grace's James Bond X Ultimate Bullies National Treasure

Also taking place this fall; exctied is an understatement! These two compliment one another so beautifully, both the dogs themselves as well as their pedigrees. Bond produces big, well tempered puppies and while this is Sequoia's 1st breeding, my expectation for her are high!

Sequoia profile.jpg
  • 1st pick male- Reserved for the Ramirez family

  • 2nd pick male- Reserved for the Richardson family

  • 3rd pick male- Reserved

  • 1st pick female- Reserved for GTB

  • 2nd pick female- Reserved for the Aranda family

  • 3rd pick female- Available

Discounts given to pet homes/ no breeding rights.