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Thinking about getting an American Bully?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

American Bullies are the ultimate companion dogs, that's a big reason why I love them! At GTB we want to get our puppies into loving family homes. While we understand that time in a kennel is sometimes needed (and we strongly recommend crate training puppies), if that is where the dog will spend the majority of it's life, you will need to look elsewhere for a pup. These are dogs that have a strong need to bond with people and be in the home with their families.

Are they great with kids? Yes! As with any breed, I encourage you to research the puppy you are getting and make sure it comes from bloodlines that do not have issues with unstable temperament. Our dogs are bred largely for temperament and would thrive in homes with children that understand how to respectfully interact with dogs. That being said, they are big, powerful dogs, be prepared for accidental take downs if your children are small!

Structure is important in the life of any dog, but especially when dealing with large, very strong dogs! We encourage future owners to enroll their pups into basic obedience classes, not only will this give your pup the right foundation to build off of, but it is a great bonding tool for you and your new companion. These dogs will push you around if you do not create structure and boundaries, and you'll do everyone a favor by starting this from day one!

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