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Welcome to Grand Teton Bullies; not your average bully breeder, not your average dog. We breed XL American Bullies with a focus on structure, temperament, health and a splash of color. The dogs here are family and are treated as such. We are a small operation based out of South Eastern Idaho and we love taking our dogs out to enjoy our surroundings, beautiful dogs in beautiful places is one of our favorite things. Our passion and love for these dogs will hopefully shine through in both the dogs that we own and the puppies we produce.  Our number 1 priority is getting happy, healthy puppies into loving homes. Thank you for checking us out and do not forget to follow us on Instagram @grandtetonbullies!


I have been blessed to lead a life filled with canine companions. Growing up we had German Shepherds, my mom also being a dog lover, currently trains them for Search and Rescue. I spent much of my youth volunteering at the local dog shelter, where my love for bully breeds began.  I got my first bull breed as a teenager, he lived a wonderful 13 years and changed my life. As a young adult I spoke at city council meetings to fight and overturn breed specific legislation, worked at a veterinary clinic and became a volunteer for a Bully Breed rescue. I have always known that dogs were meant to play a pivotal role in my life, and to finally be starting an American Bully breeding program is a dream that has been a long time coming.

Merle American Bully in mountains


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